Saturday, April 11, 2009

Me & About My Life

Hi, my name is Rajesh and welcome to my personal proficient online resume.

I am a "Social Media and online Marketing Specialist with 6+ years experience in managing online media and internet marketing campaigns, with a passionate focus in digital content and web development."

I take a holistic approach to social media and marketing tactics, techniques, and tools. I understand and value the true meaning of quality when it comes identity development, Internet marketing strategies, social media marketing and website development.

My goal is to work closely with my clients, making sure that their ideas and visions are incorporated into the services I provide. Through understanding and working with their unique goals and specific needs, I've built a strong base of happy and satisfied clients.

Social Media Marketing Tops Digital Marketing Tactics for 2009

Emphasize in 2009?” Here are the top ten tactics selected:
* Blogging (34%)
* Microblogging (Twitter) (29%)
* Search engine optimization (28%)
* Social network participation (Facebook, LinkedIn) (26%)
* Email marketing (17%)
* Social media monitoring & outreach (17%)
* Pay per click (14%)
* Blogger relations (12%)
* Video marketing (10%)
* Social media advertising (7%)

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